Seniors for Seniors

WAIF’s “Seniors for Seniors” program waives all adoption fees for adopters over the age of 62 who would like to adopt cats and dogs over the age of 8. WAIF’s program was established in the belief that it was important to match senior shelter animals and mature pet lovers who were looking for companionship. Regardless of age, our senior animals deserve the same compassion and respect as all animals do. Unfortunately, senior animals are overlooked as a potential addition to one’s household because of their age. However, a mature dog or cat might have already been trained and with a little coaxing, may comfortably fit into a new home.

As seniors we could find ourselves, along with our friends and family, a little less mobile than we’d like to be. That doesn’t mean that our need for companionship diminishes. The same can be said for senior animals as well and while the benefit of adopting a senior pet is evident, the benefits to seniors are numerous. The unconditional love and comfort they give to us is impossible to calculate. Studies show that opening our homes to pets can help reduce blood pressure, stress, depression, loneliness and cholesterol levels. They also give us a sense of responsibility, increased alertness and sense of security, along with unending love and affection. We could use that at any age!

The details are simple:

  • Adopter must be 62 or older.
  • Dog or cat must be 8 or older.

Pet ownership can be one of the most meaningful life experiences we can have. Consider discovering the joys of adopting a senior pet through WAIF’s “Seniors for Seniors” Program. For more information, please call WAIF at (360) 678-8901 or (360) 321-WAIF ext. 1100.