CATsNIP (Cats Altered Through Spay Neuter Island Program) is WAIF’s Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program that helps reduce the feral and free-roaming cat population on Whidbey Island. With generous donations from the community, WAIF is able to provide FREE spay/neuter surgeries once a month for feral and unowned free-roaming cats humanely trapped in WAIF Tomahawk traps. Appointments are required to schedule spay/neuter surgeries. Surgeries take place at WAIF’s Spay/Neuter Clinic, located at 60 Rhododendron Park Road, Coupeville.

You can use WAIF Tomahawk traps with a $50 refundable cash deposit. If you have your own trap, WAIF must preapprove the use of your trap prior to scheduling surgery.

To learn more, please call WAIF’s front desk at (360) 678-8900 ext. 1100.

Upcoming Surgery Dates (Saturdays)

      • October 28th
      • November 4th

Click here for instructions on how trap feral & free-roaming cats.

Click here for our Frequently Asked Questions about TNR.