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Have you spotted a lost animal? Please call us at (360) 678-8901 and let us know so that we can let their pet owners know!

WAIF’s All Paws Bulletin (APB) is a list of incoming lost or stray cats or dogs that come into WAIF facilities. Dogs and cats may be brought in by County and City Animal Control Officers, along with citizens concerned with the safety of lost pets. Listings will stay on this page for 60 days. If you have lost or found a stray dog or cat, please contact WAIF Animal Shelter at (360) 678-8900 ext. 1100 to file a lost or found report. Island County Animal Control and City of Oak Harbor Animal Control can be reached at through their non-emergency I-COM Dispatch at (360) 678-9567.

Stray dogs and cats that are brought into WAIF by the public and animal control (Island County and Oak Harbor) are available to be reunited with their owners within 5 days. Payment of room and board fees of $10 per day and redemption fees starting at a minimum of $25 will need to be remitted on the day of pick-up.  After the stray period, WAIF assumes ownership of pets. Only owners (not friends and family) may reclaim their pets and proof of ownership such as veterinarian/vaccination records and up-to-date photos (including one with you and your pet) may be required to have the pet returned.

Please make sure your pets are licensed (as applicable to city and county requirements) and microchipped to show proof of ownership. This helps getting your pet back to where they belong – at home with you!

Click here for a free resource from PetFBI.org to create flyers for lost and found pets. PetFBI.org is a great site to learn what steps you’ll want to take should your pet go missing or if you find a stray.

Lost Pet Report For: May 4 – June 12

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Friday, September 22nd

Cat – Female cat, Persian calico, approximately 13 years old. Found on Judson Street in Oak Harbor. She is currently being cared for at our Coupeville shelter. We can be reached at (360) 678-8901.

City of Oak Harbor residents

If you have lost a pet in Oak Harbor, we recommend checking the City of Oak Harbor’s Stray Pet Facebook page. This page is not affiliated with WAIF and is managed separately by the City of Oak Harbor’s Animal Control. You will still need to file a lost report with WAIF by calling (360) 678-8900 ext. 1100.