Volunteering at WAIF is a great way to help our homeless animals. Complete our online application below to get started! For questions, please contact our Community Outreach Coordinator by email here or by phone at (360) 678-8911.

Volunteers must be over the age of 18 to apply.

If you are a current volunteer, login to our Volgistics program below

Coupeville Shelter

Dog Walker

Assist with making the shelter dogs as adoption-eligible as possible by socializing them in a safe and comfortable environment. Providing enrichment opportunities by taking them on walks one at a time to stretch their legs on our dog walking trails, or to provide a break from the kennel area. Offer feedback on the dog’s behavior and communicate to fellow volunteers as well as staff on relevant information.

Cat Socializer

The main focus of a cat socializer is to provide human interaction to cats by gently handling them, engaging them in toy play, and petting them. This is a great way to lessen a cat’s stress in a shelter environment and get used to human interaction for placement in permanent loving homes.

Thrift Stores

Oak Harbor and Freeland stores
Cashiers always needed! Greet customers, ring up purchases, take in donations, put out merchandise and tidy the store. No retail experience is needed. This is a great way to help animals if you can’t work with them directly. Good for resumes!

Sorting and Pricing Merchandise
Lend your skills to going through incoming merchandise and preparing it for sales. If you prefer “behind the scenes” work, this is the spot for you.

Price Researcher
As unusual items or those of significant value come in, someone needs to do a little research to determine the market value. This can be done at home, at the library, or on the Internet at the Thrift Store. Be a pricing sleuth!

Store Display Artist/Merchandiser
Helping to make eye-catching, organized arrangements within the store is something that can dramatically increase sales. From a clever clothes-rack to arranging an entire department, we need your artistic touch!

A successful thrift store is always in need of new shelves, minor repairs, furniture repair and other talents in this field. If you have special skills to offer, we’d like to know.

Please note that WAIF does not offer volunteer opportunities for court-ordered community service for its animal welfare locations. Opportunities may be available for thrift store locations.