Special Note: We are waiting to move past Phase 2 to hopefully reopen for volunteer opportunities at our animal adoption facilities and thrift stores. Thank you for your patience as we cautiously move forward with reopening.

If you have some spare time and would like to help WAIF by volunteering your time and talents, we’d love for you to join us! Please contact WAIF’s volunteer coordinator by phone at (360) 678-8911 and don’t forget to download an application here to complete. We look forward to hearing from you!

Volunteer at WAIF Animal Adoption Facilities

NOTE: You must be at least 16 years of age or older to volunteer at WAIF animal adoption facilities.

Dog Walkers — afternoons
Drop in any afternoon. Important mental stimulation for our dogs, great exercise for volunteers. If you have an hour or two each week to share, come join us! Experienced dog walkers are also needed for parades and offsite adoptions!

Cat Socializers— afternoons
Schedule a day. All time spent outside of the cage enhances a cat’s life and adoptability. Spend time with the cats, take notes and talk to potential adopters about the special characteristics of the cats.

Foster Care — seasonal
Some cats are too young, sick or scared and need special attention and care. Homes where these animals can be given a quiet place to rest are always needed. Training materials, veterinary care and food are provided.

Volunteer at WAIF Thrift Stores

Oak Harbor and Freeland stores.
Cashiers always needed! Greet customers, ring up purchases, take in donations, put out merchandise and tidy the store. No retail experience is needed. This is a great way to help animals if you can’t work with them directly. Good for resumes!

Sorting and Pricing Merchandise
Lend your skills to going through incoming merchandise and preparing it for sales. If you prefer “behind the scenes” work, this is the spot for you.

Price Researcher
As unusual items or those of significant value come in, someone needs to do a little research to determine the market value. This can be done at home, at the library, or on the Internet at the Thrift Store. Be a pricing sleuth!

Electronics/Electric Tester
We always need someone with the right skills to test electric and electronic items as they come in, and possibly make small repairs as needed. This is another “at-home” option or do what you can in the store.

Store Display Artist
Helping to make eye-catching, organized arrangements within the store is something that can dramatically increase sales. From a clever clothes-rack to arranging an entire department, we need your artistic touch!

A successful thrift store is always in need of new shelves, minor repairs, furniture repair and other talents in this field. If you have special skills to offer, we’d like to know.

Additional Volunteer Opportunities

Become a WAIF Ambassador!
Ambassadors serve as public liaisons at information booths, promotions, and fundraising functions.

Assist with booths at community events and parades such as Holland Happening, 4th of July Parade, Island County Fair, Wag-n-Walk and more. Scheduling and commitment are flexible.

WAIF COVID-19 Update

Phase 3 update: Adoptions continue to be by appointment only. Please click for more info re: the 4th of July and adoptions.

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