Home To Home

WAIF is sponsoring a new interactive tool to help families with pets in the Whidbey Island area. Home To Home is a rehoming website for owners who need to surrender their pets, which can include dogs, cats and other animals. There is no cost and is free to use. Those needing to rehome pets easily register and fill out a brief profile, upload a picture and information on their pet, and hit submit. For those seeking a pet, there is a search feature. and while Home To Home is free to use; there are some rules to the site, such as no money is allowed to exchange hands. Re-homing fees don’t lead to better outcomes for pets, but quality communications will.

Home to Home gives pet owners who can no longer keep their pets the opportunity to find new, loving homes without having to surrender them to the shelter. Pets can go from one home right into another, which means less stress for animals and humans alike. In addition, this offers potential new owners the opportunity to communicate directly with the current owners, providing firsthand information about the animals.

Please click here to register to start the process to rehome or adopt a pet!

WAIF will also use this service for those who may be on our surrender waiting list when animal care locations reach capacity. This will provide even greater exposure for pets who are waiting for adoption within the local area but have not yet arrived at our animal care locations.

It is WAIF’s goal to connect pet owners looking to rehome their pets with loving adopters. However, pets published on the Home to Home website are not part of WAIF’s adoption programs and have not been evaluated by WAIF staff.  We encourage potential adopters to do their own assessment and verify descriptions as published by the pet owner(s).