04.04.24 | WAIF Communications

It has officially been one year since our sweet Pippin Wonton has joined our family. We are still obsessed with him and can’t imagine our life without him. His transition into our life was very smooth and he fits in perfectly. His cat tower is his favorite perching site so he can look over all of us. He likes to join my daughters while they do homework and sit on their papers and computers as they work… I think he is helping!  He plays fetch! He LOVES his toys and will make you throw it for him over and over again. If he doesn’t like the way you throw it, he takes it to someone else. He throws an absolute fit every time his dog sisters go outside to go potty. It takes him no time at all to come around to strangers, he is shy at first but in less than an hour he will have you wrapped around his paw and petting his favorite spots. He goes to the groomer every month and is the best boy ever there. He is very talkative, cuddly, and just all around perfect! We love him so much!

Christina F.

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