Happy Beginnings

Missy AKA Aqua

04.09.24 | WAIF Communications

The day Aqua arrived at her new home she was greeted by Onyx (Oni) who was a year old and definitely all boy.  He welcomed her with no reservations. She…

Henna AKA Peach

| WAIF Communications

A year ago we were able to adopt Peach after several weeks of bothering the very patient staff regularly (ok, daily) about when she would be available. Her name has since…


04.04.24 | WAIF Communications

It has officially been one year since our sweet Pippin Wonton has joined our family. We are still obsessed with him and can’t imagine our life without him. His transition into our…

Flynn and Riley

| WAIF Communications

Snuggle buddies Flynn and Riley sharing an afternoon bed in the sun! Marty S.

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