Happy Beginnings

Flame & Shadow (formerly Stewart & Selene)

11.07.19 | WAIFadmin

Flame and Shadow were happily adopted into their forever home. Below is a Facebook video of Flame’s shenanigans!


10.31.19 | WAIFadmin

Lincolns is doing great! He loves his new little boy and family!  

Selena (formerly Mochi)

| WAIFadmin

Hello! This is Selena, I adopted Mochi a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to give you guys an update! He is doing great! He immediately warmed up to us,…


08.22.19 | WAIFadmin

He loves to people cuddle. Jake has discovered a tail less squirrel and declared it mortal enemy and must alert the entire house when he sees it.┬áJake, and our other…

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