Happy Beginnings


08.30.18 | WAIFadmin

My wonderful cat is now called Missy. She’s an indoor kitty and loves to be where ever I am. She’s very friendly with visitors. She’s got such a sweet disposition.…


| WAIFadmin

Just wanted to send an update on the sweet boy we adopted last week. We are calling him Murphy although you may remember him as Atlas. We just wanted to…


| WAIFadmin

We brought Buddy home one week ago today, from your facility. We are happy to report that he is folding into our routine as swimmingly (with much guidance, as puppies…


03.16.18 | Cinnamon Hudgins

Hi! Remember me?? My mom calls me Commodore Toothless (Commie for short)! The vet told her I needed to gain a few pounds. I’m now 15lb and healthy! My FAVORITE…

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