Vega AKA Ruffles

04.16.21 | WAIFadmin
Thank you so much for allowing our family to be Ruffles forever home. We renamed him, Vega. When we came to see him at the Freeland location, it was love at first sight for him and my husband. Now everyday, Vega will follow him into the garage for morning workouts and kiss and hug him before  he leaves for work. Then as soon as my husband comes home, Vega hugs and kisses him and them follows him everywhere around the house. Vegas also gets along with our two American Bulldogs. And goes nuts playing with our 8yr old daughter. Vega is an absolute joy and a perfect addition to our family. Thank you so much. Feel free to post these pictures on your website.
Patrick, Jamie & Channing C.
Oak Harbor, WA
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