Tank’s Health Journey

03.15.24 | WAIFadmin

At WAIF, we see more than our share of incoming animals in need of emergency care, and the costs have rapidly added up. Though we make room in our budget for emergency medical costs, we currently find ourselves in desperate need of assistance to cover the cost of a surgery for a specific animal which far exceeds our budget. We’re counting on your generous support to provide a positive outcome for Tank.

Tank, a Doberman mix, escaped from his home and was hit by a car within the last week. He survived, but not without excruciating pain. Tank’s owner did everything she could to seek emergency care, but the options were bleak: costly surgery or euthanasia. With her own health concerns and the enormous impact of surgery costs in mind, the owner came to WAIF looking for assistance and selflessly decided to surrender Tank knowing that he would receive the best care in our hands.

Tank is currently in WAIF’s care, where initially, the prognosis didn’t look good. Tank has been diagnosed with pelvic fractures on the left side as well as pneumothorax (air inside the chest cavity). Surgical intervention is recommended based on the location and severity of the fractures. There could be more serious injuries underneath the surface, or delayed shock signs or injuries could develop.

Tank is only 13 months old (and 86 lbs!), and after consulting with two orthopedic specialists, his prognosis is now positive if he gets surgery as soon as possible. Today, Tank is headed off the island to a veterinary specialty hospital for further diagnosis to prepare him for surgery.

It is estimated that the cost of surgery (not including aftercare and physical therapy) will reach upwards of $9,000 – an extraordinary cost for anyone. However, we feel Tank rightly deserves a chance for a long life. That can only be made possible with your kind and thoughtful donations to provide the care he needs.

Donations of any amount are needed where they will add up and go toward his medical costs. Funds raised above his cost of care will go to our greatest need fund to help Whidbey’s vulnerable animals.

If you would like your donation to go directly to Tank’s surgery costs and care, please select “In Honor of Tank” on our donation page.

Thank you for your kind and generous support in Tank’s time of need.

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