RW3 (formerly LL Cool Cat)

07.11.17 | WAIFadmin

LL Cool Cat made quite the impression with volunteers and staff alike when he arrived at our shelter in September 2015. There was no doubt this cat had personality plus and much more to offer his lucky adopter! Just shy of staying with us for a year, his owner opened her heart and home for LL Cool Cat in July 2016. She was a little hesitant about adopting so soon after losing her two WAIF tuxedo boys earlier in the year and wasn’t sure she wanted to experience that feeling of loss again. A friend of hers was looking out for her though and directed her to our website to learn about LL Cool Cat.

Now renamed as Russell Willson (RW3), he has become her best buddy. He follows her like a dog everywhere she goes. He’s even become quite the lap kitty throwing his head back and gazing at her with his beautiful blue eyes. He is all cat and true to cat form is totally ignoring the kitty hammock for about six months. These days you can find him enjoying his favorite activity – lounging while watching the birds outside his window. We think he hit the kitty jackpot!

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