07.11.17 | WAIFadmin

From his new adopters:

As anyone who has been around WAIF long enough can tell you, Rocky is a hard dog not to love. Whenever we would stop by to volunteer, he was always on our list of dogs we simply had to walk. He has such sweet eyes and a smiling face. He was always so eager for the exercise and the socialization. Every walk ended with him panting happily in our laps or getting belly rubs. It was so impressive how he hardly seemed to notice he was missing a leg. We thought his strength was pretty inspiring. So it was always surprising that he was still there the next week.

We never started volunteering with the intention of adopting anyone…but I’m sure a lot of us have said the same thing! The more we came in to visit Rocky, the more he seemed like the right fit. Our older dog, Rei, isn’t much interested in playing. She’s more content to take a nap. Our younger dog, Roxie, on the other hand has energy to spare. We thought Roxie and Rocky might be great playmates. So we finally had the three meet and everyone got along famously! As many people have said, it really feels like he was just waiting for the right family to come along.

So he’s been with us for awhile and we couldn’t ask for more. He’s been on such good behavior! I’m glad to saythat Roxie and Rocky have been roughhousing quite happily together. Sometimes not quite as much as Rocky would like. I think he’s really enjoying his new freedom. Rei is happy to referee from the sidelines and Rocky treats her most respectfully. He can, of course, cuddle with the best of them and loves to have the right side of his neck scratched. The missing leg makes it hard to get that spot.

We would like to give a big thank you to all of the WAIF staff, volunteers and donors that helped take such good care of him while he waited for us. He came to us in good health and good spirits. Not to mention a few cool toys! It’s all thanks to your hard work and generosity. We feel very touched with how supportive everyone has been and promise to give him the forever home he deserves!

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