Pete and Pawz

10.30.20 | WAIFadmin

Hello there!

I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for providing such an important service.  We came over to your facility a couple of weeks ago and met Pete and Pawz.  They were very sweet and won my dad over.  We completed the necessary paperwork (easy process), paid the fees, loaded up Pete and Pawz and headed home.

It was a quiet trip home as I’m sure it was a bit of an adventure for the two of them being in a car and on a ferry.  However we made it home safely and placed their carriers in the living room and opened the doors to their crates.  Pete came out after just a few minutes but then hid behind the pellet stove for several hours.  Pawz was much more cautious and didn’t come out of his crate for several hours.  He seemed to be curious about his new home and cruised around for a while before returning to the crate.

The next day when I came for a visit Pawz came over to great me and so did Pete.  Pete seemed to be quite fond of me and stayed by my side most of the time I was there.  Pawz moved on to more interesting things.  Lol!

By the third day these two seemed to feel quite comfortable and have settled in nicely.  They truly love each other and have provided many sweet moments of entertainment.

My dad’s house is fairly large so he decided to introduce the two cats to the four different sections of the house in phases.  His bedroom would be in the third phase.  It is extremely sweet that he has slept on the couch in the living room, where Pete and Pawz are, since we brought them home.  They have truly brightened his world and I am extremely grateful to WAIF for all their assistance in helping with this new relationship.

Thanks WAIF!!!

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