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Tank in Surgery

03.15.24 | WAIFadmin

At 4pm today, Tank went into surgery to repair the numerous injuries he sustained after being hit by a car. Currently, the estimate is $7,144 which has already been paid…

Tank’s Health Journey

| WAIFadmin

At WAIF, we see more than our share of incoming animals in need of emergency care, and the costs have rapidly added up. Though we make room in our budget…


07.07.22 | WAIFadmin

To my favorite peoples… It was a very long day! Trapped in a crate😿😿😿 for a long time… I used a variety of approaches to be released (meows, paw through…


05.05.22 | WAIFadmin

Good Afternoon! Two weeks go by quickly! Just wanted to give you a small update. Gnocchi has really opened up to us and is quite talkative now. She spends all…

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