Missy AKA Aqua

04.09.24 | WAIF Communications

The day Aqua arrived at her new home she was greeted by Onyx (Oni) who was a year old and definitely all boy.  He welcomed her with no reservations.

She spent the first week with us under the guest room bed but then ventured out to get to know us and Oni.  It didn’t take long for her and Oni to become best friends. I didn’t think Aqua fitted her so she became “Missy” and adapted to her new name quickly.

Missy is still shy but very loving and sweet.  She loves attention, cuddling, mealtimes and snacks and “cookies” before bedtime.  She also loves walking on my keyboard when I’m typing!

She and Oni play together, nap together and sometimes sleep on my bed at night.

We are definitely a two kitten family and so happy to be together.

William C.

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