Matcha (FKA Barbosa)

01.16.18 | Cinnamon Hudgins


Just wanted to thank you and give you an update on Matcha (FKA Barbosa), whom we adopted last month from the Coupeville Shelter.

Matcha has settled perfectly into our home and we are so happy to have him included in our family. We originally picked him because he is so sweet and snugly, but since he’s gotten comfortable with us, we have also discovered he is playful with a rascally side.

Being a tripod, we thought we would have to make adjustments (like add steps) to accommodate his special needs, but he’s fleet of foot and zips around and hops onto stuff just fine. The only time he needs our intervention is when he freezes with this certain look on his face, which means he needs his ear scratched STAT!

Thanks again and regards.

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