04.30.24 | WAIF Communications


I received your anniversary card, and I wanted to update you on Maple – she is considerably more chill than the Tasmanian Devil she seemed like on first meeting her.  She is generous with affection, and is easily pleased.  She now runs all over our yard, on 3 legs, and the bum leg doesn’t really slow her down…unless she corners herself and has to inch back out.  She loves to be outside chewing on sticks.  Pruning season in my orchard is one of her favorite times of year.  So many fresh sticks!

Maple is part Pyrenees, and that working instinct, although not her dominant trait, shows in little ways.  She loves be outside and to do outside chores with me, and “reminds” me if I do them at a different time.  She will sit outside if we are in an outbuilding, waiting for us.  If something is wrong outside, she acts funny until I go check things out.  There is usually something going on that I have to intervene with.

Maple has shown herself to be a comfort when we just want to sit and chill.  A hand on her back is enough to make her happy, although she will move herself around to the right spot if she wants scratches.  She does not like to be ignored.

Hope everything is going well for WAIF!


Jennifer M.

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