Lady (formerly Dutchess)

03.04.20 | WAIFadmin

Hi all,

Dutchess (now Lady) joined our family about three weeks ago and we are so grateful she chose us! We got her DNA results today (snapshot below) and wanted to share them. I lost my Doberman in 2018 after ten years together, so Lady’s 25% Doberman was very special to see today.

I couldn’t help but include some pictures of our life together- we go for long runs and dog park trips, and she is incredibly gentle and sweet to my young children. Her patience with them even exceeds mine lol! We cuddle together at night in our bed and she reminded me how bad dog farts are. We will never forget your kindness and excitement for us when we traveled to meet her and knew she was our family. You cared so deeply for her with her physical needs but also with love and affection. We are donating and will sing your praises from the Space Needle in Seattle! Anything else we can do, we would love to support you. Thank you again so much for everything you do and all you did for us.

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