Henna AKA Peach

04.09.24 | WAIF Communications

A year ago we were able to adopt Peach after several weeks of bothering the very patient staff regularly (ok, daily) about when she would be available. Her name has since been changed to Henna (as in the tattoo because it is often used as a symbol of significant celebrations).

Henna felt at home the very first day. After she surveyed her new domain briefly, she curled up next to us as if it had always been that way. She loves to play fetch with her mini soccer ball, loves her mouse that is in a very sad state but she is very attached to it, and she loves to be helpful. In the mornings she “helps” me by sitting on the bathroom counter while I get ready for work. She comes in, sits, and lifts her face up towards me like a sunflower to the sun. It is adorable and just the best way to start each day. In the evenings we are greeted at the door with affectionate enthusiasm…and then she helps us remember where her food bowl is. Just in case we forgot while we were at work.

Henna is a curious, playful, loving cat and our lives would not be the same without her.

Michele and Jeff L.

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