WAIF Endowment Foundation (WEF)

Help secure WAIF’s future and maximize the value of your gift to support WAIF programs.

WAIF Endowment Foundation (WAIF) was established in 2017 with the sole purpose of providing long-term financial sustainability and its programs. By design, the Foundation is a separate organization with its own Board of Trustees beholden to the donors and the express stipulations of each Gift Agreement. Foundation assets are maintained for the enhancement of WAIF’s programs and to provide general support of WAIF’s mission.

Investment Philosophy

As custodians of the donations, the Foundation’s investment philosophy is to preserve the initial capital value of each gift and responsibly earn returns for long-term growth.

Funds to Support

Your gift will be placed into one or more funds of your choice. Here are a few examples:

  • Endowment Fund: The purpose of this fund is to provide for the long-term sustainability of WAIF. The principal of the donation remains permanently in the fund and the interest earnings can be distributed to WAIF at the discretion of the Foundation. No minimum donation.
  • General Support Fund: Unrestricted funds are provided to WAIF annually for WAIF’s operations and programming. This annual distribution will continue until the total of the gifted funds is exhausted. Minimum donation: $50,000.
  • Shelter Sustaining Fund: Gifts are used for long-term maintenance and repair of the physical buildings and equipment of WAIF’s Coupeville shelter property. These funds are distributed to WAIF at the request of WAIF’s Board of Directors. No minimum donation.

Accepted Donation Types

  • Cash
  • Marketable securities
  • Real Estate and other assets
    • Real estate and other assets are reviewed and approved by the Foundation on a case-by-case basis. Donations qualify as tax deductions as allowed by law in the year the donation was received.

It’s easy to make a donation!

  • Contact us by email here. By mail, the address is WAIF Endowment Foundation, PO Box 1587, Freeland WA 98249
  • Set a meeting: A Foundation Trustee will meet with you to discuss your donation and your desired use of the funds.
  • Gift Agreement: A short two-page Gift Agreement will be completed.
  • You’re done! The Foundation will work with you to make the gift transaction as simple and easy as possible.