Happy Beginnings


10.31.19 | WAIFadmin

Lincolns is doing great! He loves his new little boy and family!  

Selena (formerly Mochi)

| WAIFadmin

Hello! This is Selena, I adopted Mochi a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to give you guys an update! He is doing great! He immediately warmed up to us,…


08.22.19 | WAIFadmin

He loves to people cuddle. Jake has discovered a tail less squirrel and declared it mortal enemy and must alert the entire house when he sees it. Jake, and our other…

Jethro (FKA Butch)

02.25.19 | Cinnamon Hudgins

We decided to rename Butch to Jethro and he continues to do well!We took him to our vet last week and he is in good health except for an ear…

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