07.07.22 | WAIFadmin

To my favorite peoples…

It was a very long day!
Trapped in a crate😿😿😿 for a long time… I used a variety of approaches to be released (meows, paw through the air holes, rolling over and pushing on the ceiling) although my kidnapper DID put fingers through the trap for some pitiful petting.

Finally, I meet a whole bunch of new people who were dressed kinda like my ‘favorite peoples’. They were impressed by my behavior. Lots of petting!

Don’t know why as I am a pro at knowing what is expected when on the tall table. I received treats!-During my fluids😻I do like Dr Ian, gave him several head rubs. I even climbed into my kidnapper’s crate without any help.

Unfortunately I did get ‘stuck’ in my chosen ‘shelter-in-place’ spot, upon arrival at where I assume is my new home. It will take some practice negotiating this new ‘flooring’. I needed to be extracated😿 it was stressful for both of us. But I did discover food, water and a litter box!!! On further exploration, found flooring I was familiar with.

After a full night of exploring, evidenced by paw-printing, I’ve found a peaceful place under the bed. My kidnapper (new pet parent) doesn’t seemed pleased, but understands.

I understand if you are missing me this morning… I miss you too, but thank you for taking such excellent care of me, and finding me such a cool new home 😻😻😻


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