Mae Ling

07.29.21 | Mary Jo Adams

About Mae Ling A gorgeous Siamese with seal point markings and blue eyes, Mae Ling is believed to be 3-4 years of age.  She arrived at our shelter as an…


| Mary Jo Adams

About Vila Vila is a pretty kitty with a medium length black and brown coat and gold eyes.  She is shy in new situations but very affectionate with those she…


07.15.21 | Mary Jo Adams

About Misty Six-year-old Misty has a soft and beautiful medium length solid gray coat and gold eyes.  She is an easygoing, confident, quiet, and curious lapcat.  Misty has lived indoors…


| Mary Jo Adams

About Lily Olivia and Lily are beautiful 14 month old kitties whose coats have features of both tabby and calico patterns.  They have lovely green eyes.  These sisters are closely…

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