02.01.24 | Mary Jo Adams

About Dublin Golden-eyed Dublin has a dapper medium length tuxedo coat with white whiskers and white paws all around.  Only nine months old, he is sweet and friendly. Considerations Indoors…


| Mary Jo Adams

About Cork Nine-month-old Cork is a gorgeous orange/white kitty with a medium length coat.  He is friendly, curious, and well socialized. Considerations Indoors only


01.30.24 | Mary Jo Adams

About River Ten-month-old River is a sweet and gorgeous black kitty with awesome gold eyes.  She is very loving with people and is also very smart. Considerations Indoors only


01.24.24 | Mary Jo Adams

About Halloumi Believed to be about 4 years old, Halloumi (We call him “Hal”.) was very frightened and shut down when he arrived at the shelter.  Staff and volunteers have…

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