WAIF: A “Saving 90” Community

While working on research for a grant proposal, we discovered WAIF was listed as one of three shelters in the state of Washington as achieving the top tier level of a no kill community (saving 90% or more of shelter animals) as published on www.saving90.org with data provided by No Kill Advocacy Center. The three Washington shelters are:

Kitsap Humane Society, serving 251,000 people, had a save rate of 93% (2013 data)
Orcas Animal Protection Society, serving 4,500 people, had a save rate of 95% (2013 data)
Whidbey Animals’ Improvement Foundation, serving 58,000 people, saved 95% (2014 data)

This surprising recognition, along with the earlier announced recognition from Mutts Across America Award, indicates that WAIF is setting the standard in the NW and indeed across the nation for caring for homeless companion animals. We will only step up this standard when we move into the long awaited new shelter this summer.

We have chosen to continue to use the terminology of “minimum kill” to indicate that we do not euthanize treatable or healthy animals. Use of “no kill” remains a controversial phrase that conjures up many different feelings and ideas, and really, does not convey what is responsible care. We will not allow unnecessary suffering of animals, nor will we knowingly let go of a dangerous animal. For this reason, we feel the way we have always described ourselves is true to our calling, even though we are regularly recognized for our life saving (no kill) philosophy and efforts. This is why WAIF was founded, to save more and to give more on behalf of our homeless cats and dogs.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all volunteers, staff and donors who make this level of care possible. You have made Whidbey Island a wonderful place for people and animals to live. There will always be needs and challenges. But you should celebrate what you have created on Whidbey, even as we celebrate the animals that touch our lives each day!

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