WAIF Begins Planning for New Shelter Programs & Services

Management organized a new Program/Operations Committee to begin the process of looking at all the various ideas and suggestions that have been gathered over the last few years as they relate to use of the new shelter and Annex building. Putting program and operations together into one team will help ensure that any new or expanded programs or services of WAIF will be sustainable (finances) and consistent (policy) with existing programming. This committee, consisting of staff, volunteers, and several board members of WAIF, will make recommendations to the Board of Directors for new or expanded services and the means of sustaining all operations in the new building.

Group Photo

New facilities usually means there will be new expenses. Having a team of concerned individuals look at where we are, identify the challenges and opportunities, and make recommendations to respond to both will help our transition to the new shelter go smoothly as possible and give us a jump start on achieving some long awaited new services to the community. In their first meeting, the team broke into small groups to prioritize the existing list of ideas that have been gathered from various sources. These ideas range from a Spay/Neuter program for feral/community cats (TNR-Trap Neuter Release program), microchipping, to fundraising ideas such as Annex rental for birthday parties, civic groups, or a summer day camp program for school age children (animal-themed). Outreach and education were also high on the list with dog behavior training, workshops, certificate programs for Pets for Life, Therapy Animals, Agility competition classes and other related training. Also on the list, ways to increase adoptions, such as Dogs on a Field Trip, and written adoption policies (criteria and matching considerations). The top three priorities the team decided to work on first are listed as:

  1. Written Policies Volunteer policies for the New Shelter, Adoption Policies and Criteria/Matching list, Whistleblower policy for accounting/financial issues.
  2. Fundraising Events and ideas to help make all programs sustainable and establish an operating reserve to improve cashflow situation at WAIF.
  3. Spay/Neuter services – for shelter animals and feral/community cats, and the veterinary resources needed to provide these services.

Research and data-gathering for all three of these areas are the next task of the team as they drill down on what can be done and what cannot, based on our capacity. Once recommendations are given and decisions made, our direction will shift toward planning the specific programs and the training and marketing needed to implement them in a controlled and sustainable manner. The task is large but the excitement is even larger as all look forward to starting this next chapter in the life of WAIF and the animals it serves!

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