The Gift of Relationship

One would think, after the latest election cycle, that we as Americans, just don’t like each other very much. But I witnessed something recently that adds to my confidence that there are some very good people roaming this world. At WAIF, staff and volunteers have long been known for our care and love for the animals that enter our doors, and for going the extra mile to make sure they find a good home. As it turns out, this seems true of how we treat each other too!

When word got out that one of our longtime staff members was having to travel to Seattle for cancer treatments once a week, and had to depend on others to take her due to having an older and unreliable vehicle, a collection was taken up by staff and volunteers, and a newer car was purchased so she could make those appointments. I can imagine the stress level going down, now that she doesn’t have to find someone to take her each week. But staff still volunteer to attend with her on the two-hour trip, complete with ferry crossing, to offer support and presence during a trying time.

We do more than we know when we offer our gift of relationship. Adoption of a cat or dog is one way to share that gift with a homeless pet. Cant adopt? No problem, there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer as a cat socializer, or dog walker to share in relationship. Or if you are a people person, you can volunteer at one of our three thrift stores and share your life that way. This is what WAIF has been and should be about, providing ways for each of us to give that gift of ourselves to others.

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