Do they appear to still have the FIRE?

Is the website up to date with activity? Do they send newsletters? Are they current? These are the questions the Mutts Across America: 50 States/50 Shelters program used in just one area of their criteria list to select one shelter in each state for recognition and to receive a grant for $3,000. For MuttNation Foundation, it seems the answer they found when it came to WAIF is YES! We do still have the “Fire.”

For the second year in a row, WAIF has been selected for this MuttNation Award for the state of Washington. A brief listing of other criteria the board members of MuttNation Foundation researched are:

High Live Release Rate (90%). WAIF’s 2014 Live Release Rate is 94.9%!
High volunteerism (people rarely jump on/stay on a sinking ship).
Are they fiscally responsible (low admin/staff costs).
High activity/fundraising (are they working hard to earn income)?
Do they work outside of the shelter to adopt out or minister to schools, elderly, etc.?
Are they advocating/helping in spay and neuter campaigns, clinics, and activities?
Are the hours of operation conducive with adoption times (open weekends, evenings, etc.)?

The fire indeed remains in WAIF after 25 years of service to Whidbey Island. I see it burn brightly in our staff and volunteers as they work in the thrift stores, walk the dogs, or play with the cats in the shelters. I felt the warmth as I took the first “hardhat” tour through the now enclosed new shelter construction and acknowledge all the years of dedicated love by many people that construction represents. I read the fire in the notes and letters that are attached to kind gifts of our donors.

Being selected for a second year for this small but meaningful award is an honor. Being involved in a community that cares for and values our companion animals, that is a blessing that I know will continue to burn brightly for the next 25 years, and beyond!

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