01.17.19 | WAIFadmin

Now that we’ve had Mila for a couple weeks–it’s hard to believe that much time has passed–we wanted to update you on how she is doing.

She came to us with some basic commands, clearly used to being indoors all the time, and no real outside manners (no come when called) or leash manners (as you probably already knew!). We don’t let her into the yard off leash yet, but she gets potty time on a retractable leash in the yard, which is helping with her leash and yard manners, as well as lots of play time inside the house and at Marguerite Brons.

We’ve been working on her “come when called,” and she’s able to go into the woods at the dog park now. She’ll even come when called from major distractions, like all of the other dogs rushing to the back fence and barking at the property owner behind the park and his dogs. Mila frequently now automatically returns to us at various times from other interests at the park, sits at attention, and waits (for a treat, of course). Shawn also is working with her on leash training.

So Mila is learning quickly and coming along nicely for the time we’ve had her. She’s eating around 1,400 calories a day and doesn’t appear to have gained weight.

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