Microchipping WAIF’s Adoptables!

10.28.16 | WAIF


WAIF is pleased to announce another benefit of adopting WAIF shelter animals. In addition to making sure all dogs and cats are spayed/neutered and vaccinated prior to adoption, WAIF is now microchipping all adoptable shelter animals using 911PetChip’s microchip technology.

According to Petfinder, 1 in 3 pets will become lost at some point in their life. Having a pet microchipped can help ensure the chances of a having a pet returned to owner. Microchips are tiny transponders, about the size of a grain of rice that are implanted just under the pet’s skin and have the owner’s information on record. Each microchip contains a registration number and the phone number of the registry. A handheld scanner reads the radio frequency of the chip and displays this information. WAIF or a vet clinic that finds the pet then can contact the registry to get the owner’s name and number. While WAIF is now microchipping all shelter animals, adopters will be responsible for registering the chip with their current contact information to make the microchip effective. It’s also important to remember that a microchip is not a GPS device and should not be considered the only ID measure necessary for pets. Microchips are a good back-up plan to ID collars and licensing your pets. Providing your pets with all three identification methods can help with a speedy reunion with your family.

WAIF does not provide microchip services for pets already in households so we recommend contacting your local veterinarian to learn more about how microchipping can be a benefit to you and your pet.

As the island’s largest and oldest animal welfare organization on the island, WAIF is grateful for the continued support from the community to offer this new service that will help keep pets and their owners together. On behalf of WAIF shelter animals, thank you!

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