Event Ticket Purchase Form

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Pricing & RSVP

Early bird price $100 per person before May 19th. After May 20th, $120 per person. RSVP by June 2nd. Tickets can be purchased using the form below.

Dinner Menu

  • Entrée 1 FISH: Wild Alaskan salmon sucanat chili dusted filet, blistered green beans, house sticky rice, sweet chili glaze
  • Entrée 2 BEEF: Washington grass fed prime rib beef, garlic mashed potatoes, crispy broccolini
  • Entrée 3 VEGAN: Crispy salt and pepper tofu, sweet chili sauce, house sticky rice, pickled red onion and red peppers, fresh carrots, green onion nest, soy caramel, lemon wedge