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  • Age: Adult (2 to 8 years)
  • Gender: Spayed Female
  • Size: Large
  • Breed: Great Pyrenees
  • Location: Coupeville Shelter

About Maura

Believed to be 5-6 years old, Maura is friendly, outgoing, active, and playful.  Maura has enjoyed the company of other dogs and did well with a cat introduction at the shelter. Although Maura is a working breed dog she would like to be part of the family too. A Great Pyrenees mix, she has a fluffy white coat that will require regular grooming. Due to this breeds tendency to roam Maura will require a fenced yard or property. Maura was adopted out and returned as she was too playful with the smaller dog in the home. As with most guardian dogs Maura would do best in a home with a large fenced in lot or property. Maura weighs 68 lb.

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