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  • Age: Adult (2 to 8 years)
  • Gender: Neutered Male
  • Size: Small
  • Breed: Pug
  • Location: Coupeville Shelter

About Pugsley

Pugsley is a delightful six-year-old pug.  He’s a happy pup who loves everybody.  Pugsley is friendly, energetic, playful, easygoing, and just plain silly.  He loves to play with toys.  His previous owner reported that he gets along with kids, dogs and he loves cats. Pugsley came to the shelter with a couple of medical conditions which made it difficult to breath.  He was suffering with closed nasal passages (stenotic nares) and Brachycephalic Upper Airway Syndrome.  He received two surgeries to repair these conditions.  This has helped his breathing considerably.  He will need ongoing monitoring with a veterinarian throughout his life. Please contact the shelter with any questions or request additional information on these conditions. This great pup weighs 21 lb.

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