Annex is Completed on New Shelter Site!

11.17.13 | WAIF

As we welcomed Charles Vreeland as our new executive director, we also completed construction of the Annex which now serves as temporary office space for administrative staff. Once the new shelter is completed, staff will be moved and the Annex will serve as a training and education space for WAIF.

Building the Annex first allows a number of cost-saving opportunities for WAIF. It allows a qualifying test-run of what’s to be in place for the overall infrastructure of the shelter such as septic systems, Internet, power, and water. Putting the infrastructure in place now streamlines the construction efforts of the new shelter. We received a generous offer of volunteer expertise and help specific to the Annex structure that saved thousands of dollars of construction labor–over 800 hours of labor was donated! We also received a grant specifically designated to complete construction for occupancy of the Annex. In addition, we can now move capital campaign staff members into the Annex from rented office space. Overhead will be reduced, allowing more donations to go toward the construction of the main structure. As the campaign for the new shelter continues, it’s important that staff be on site as efforts to build the new shelter gain momentum toward our groundbreaking and grand opening of the new shelter.

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