08.24.20 | Mary Jo Adams

About Canelo Only six months of age, Canelo is a eight and a half pound Chihuahua mix.  Somewhat shy at first, he is otherwise friendly, active, and curious.  Shelter staff…


| Mary Jo Adams

About Lulu Four-year-old Lulu is a brown, black, and white Chihuahua mix.  She can by shy with new people and situations but is otherwise friendly and active.  This nice pup…


05.24.20 | Mary Jo Adams

About Munch Munch is a very sweet and happy senior Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix with a black coat. He loves to take naps in your lap and to sit in the sunshine.…


| Mary Jo Adams

About Pearl Pearl is a happy, active, and very sweet Chihuahua who loves to be in your lap. Three to four years of age, she weighs just under 5 lb.…

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