10.14.21 | Mary Jo Adams

About Wish Wish is not only a gorgeous kitty; he is also a friendly fellow who likes people.  Wish is about 4 months of age. Considerations Indoors only


07.01.21 | Mary Jo Adams

About Trigger A cute, friendly, and cuddly black lab/shepherd mix puppy, Trigger is only about 10 weeks old.  This very intelligent little guy already knows how to sit and to…


06.22.21 | Mary Jo Adams

About Bubba Only about 12 weeks old, Bubba is a cute, friendly, playful, and curious little guy with a good looking tabby coat. Considerations Indoors only


05.27.21 | Mary Jo Adams

About Hercules Hercules is a happy and fun-loving pup not yet a year old.  A mastiff mix, this sweetie is a friendly, playful, gentle, energetic, and silly fellow who loves…

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