09.26.22 | Mary Jo Adams

About Nedjem Only 5-6 months old, Nedjem is sweet, active, curious, and playful. Considerations Indoors only


09.20.22 | Mary Jo Adams

About Beans Only 5-6 months old, Beans’ previous family called her “the most loving puppy”.  A German shepherd/poodle mix, she is also playful, easygoing, energetic, and silly.  Beans is reportedly…

Freeland Kittens

08.27.22 | Mary Jo Adams

About Freeland Kittens The Freeland cat cottage has five friendly, frisky, and playful four-month-old kittens with a variety of coat patterns waiting for loving indoor homes.  They are all female. …


08.04.22 | Mary Jo Adams

About Rocky Believed to be 6-8 months of age, Rocky is a cute and frisky kitten with a pretty tuxedo coat.  She is a friendly and playful kitty with a…

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