05.24.20 | Mary Jo Adams

About Enrique Only 6-7 months old, Enrique is a friendly, playful, and very energetic youngster who loves attention. He bounces around and his tail never stops wagging. Enrique seems to…


12.12.19 | Mary Jo Adams

About Checkers Now about 6 months old, Checkers was one of a group of very young semiferal kittens that were brought to the shelter. Staff worked with them extensively in…


10.29.19 | Mary Jo Adams

About Mochie Only 4 months old, Mochie is a sweet Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix with a brown and white coat. This youngster is friendly, energetic, loving, and very playful. Mochie is ok…


10.14.19 | Mary Jo Adams

About Stewart Only 6-7 months old, Stewart is friendly, outgoing, active, and very playful. He loves people and having fun! He will probably do best in a home with no…

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