11.17.21 | Mary Jo Adams

About Willie Willie and Charlie are best buddies who arrived together after apparently going on quite an adventure exploring the town of Oak Harbor.  Both are Chihuahua mixes and are…


10.14.21 | Mary Jo Adams

About Kronk Kronk is a friendly, high energy, and very playful youngster believed to be about 6 months old. Considerations Indoors only


04.21.21 | WAIFadmin

“OMG, is that a tennis ball? Can you throw it? Is that a SQUEAKY TOY?!?” “Oh, there are some new people. I’m a little scared and shy. But there’s people…


03.01.21 | Mary Jo Adams

About Rocky Rocky is a rather small cat and has a kitten-like appearance but she is an adult 2-3 years of age.  Rocky is friendly, active, and curious.  She has…

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