Candy Crush

11.07.22 | Mary Jo Adams

About Candy Crush Only a year old, Candy Crush is friendly, energetic, and very playful.  This pretty girl has light green eyes.  She is on a special diet. Considerations Indoors…

Mary Shelley

10.24.22 | Mary Jo Adams

About Mary Shelley Mary Shelley is a pretty kitty with a soft solid gray coat, green eyes, and short tail.  She’s a friendly and playful young gal who loves to…

Miss Mam

10.10.22 | Mary Jo Adams

About Miss Mam Miss Mam is a young kitty with a soft solid gray coat except for a little white patch on her chest and she has gold eyes.  She…

Cindy Pawper

09.30.22 | Mary Jo Adams

About Cindy Pawper Believed to be only about a year old, Cindy Pawper arrived at the shelter as a mama cat with a litter of small kittens.  She was a…

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