03.25.24 | Mary Jo Adams

About Mocha Big handsome tabby Mocha had to be surrendered due to a family member’s allergies.  They called him “a great cat” and described him as a friendly, gentle, playful,…


| Mary Jo Adams

About Felix Golden-eyed Felix has a coat that may appear black but does in fact have tabby stripes.  He also has a little patch of white on his chest.  Only…


| Mary Jo Adams

About Kyle Kyle is a good-looking one-year-old cattle dog mix with a brindle and white coat.  He’s a friendly and active fellow.  This nice boy weighs 72 lb.  He is…


| Mary Jo Adams

About Travis A good-looking 2-year-old Rottweiler mix, Travis is friendly, playful, easygoing, loveable, silly, and food-motivated.  He can also be a bit timid and shy.  He reportedly gets along with…

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