Monterrey Jack

09.26.22 | Mary Jo Adams

About Monterrey Jack Monterrey Jack is a big orange tabby who has quickly won the reputation of being a friendly cuddlebug.  He is believed to be 3-5 years old. Considerations…


09.08.22 | Mary Jo Adams

About Galleta Three-year-old Galleta is a friendly, quiet, cuddly, easygoing, and curious lapcat. Considerations Indoors only


09.06.22 | Mary Jo Adams

About Cali Cali’s previous family called her “an amazing cat” and told us she is friendly, playful, confident, cuddly, energetic, curious, and affectionate.  Cali is a large kitty with a…


09.01.22 | Mary Jo Adams

About Mercedes A large and good looking gray/cream tabby, Mercedes is believed to be about 3 years old.  He was a bit shy when he arrived at the shelter but…

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