04.29.22 | Mary Jo Adams

About Pigpen Pigpen is a large and good-looking gray and white kitty with a friendly and outgoing nature.  We believe he is about 7 years old. Considerations Indoors only


04.21.22 | Mary Jo Adams

About Momo Two-year-old Momo is a quiet, friendly, gentle, cuddly, easygoing, and affectionate lapcat.  This large and good-looking gray/white tabby reportedly gets along with kids and with other cats.  He…


| Mary Jo Adams

About Caldar Caldar is a large and handsome black kitty believed to be about a year old.  His coat has a sprinkling of white hairs here and there and when…


04.14.22 | Mary Jo Adams

About AuGratin A big handsome tabby, AuGratin is friendly, easygoing, “supersweet,” and very laid back.  The folks who found him and brought him to the shelter told us he got…

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