01.18.21 | Mary Jo Adams

About Bruno A 6-year-old Weimaraner/coonhound mix, Bruno is one great dog!  Shelter staff called him “the sweetest dog ever” and his previous family described him as friendly, playful, gentle, and…


01.11.21 | Mary Jo Adams

About Thanos Thanos looks like a grumpy cat in his pictures but he is actually very sweet, just shy.  Believed to have Russian blue ancestry, he loves to be petted. …


| Mary Jo Adams

About Bogey A young pitbull terrier, Bogey is a friendly, smart, and happy pup with a lot of playful energy.  He has a sleek black and white coat and weighs…


| Mary Jo Adams

About Fitz-William An 8-year-old retriever with a long black coat, Fitz-William is a friendly and good-looking pup.  He is also playful, gentle, and energetic.  His previous owner called him a…

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