11.30.23 | Mary Jo Adams

About Wednesday One-year-old Wednesday has a beautifully marked torti coat.  Her previous family described her as affectionate, playful, cuddly, talkative, and energetic.  We have noted that she occasionally shows a…


11.27.23 | Mary Jo Adams

About Oliver Oliver is a large and very handsome yellow-eyed and white whiskered orange tabby.  Five years of age this big guy is friendly and outgoing.  He came in from…


| Mary Jo Adams

About the Puppies Frieza (on the left in the photo), Chupa (middle), and Skettle (to the right) are German shepherd/Australian cattle dog/blue heeler mix puppies just 12 weeks old.  They…


| Mary Jo Adams

About Lilac Only 10-12 weeks old, Lilac is friendly, playful, and silly.  A pitbull terrier, she has a pretty gray coat and has one blue eye and one brown.  With…

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