Butch Cassidy

09.18.23 | Mary Jo Adams

About Butch Cassidy Butch Cassidy is a big guy with a pretty tabby coat.  We believe he is 2-4 years old.  He is sweet, mellow, and curious. Considerations Indoors only


| Mary Jo Adams

About Marigold A beautiful orange tabby, Marigold is 8 years old.  Her previous family told us she is a quiet, gentle, and curious kitty who loves to climb.  She has…

Wild Bill Hickok

| Mary Jo Adams

About Wild Bill Hickok A good-looking tabby, Wild Bill Hickok is a talkative and sweet natured fellow.  He is believed to be 5-6 years old. Considerations Indoors only

Doc Holliday

| Mary Jo Adams

About Doc Holliday Doc Holiday is a large kitty with a medium length black coat.  He is friendly, affectionate, and very curious.  We believe this very nice fellow is about…

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