Pawdry Hepburn

03.27.23 | Mary Jo Adams

About Pawdry Hepburn Pawdry Hepburn is a seven-year-old tabby with yellow-green eyes.  She’s a friendly kitty who likes to bat at feather toys. Considerations Indoors only


| Mary Jo Adams

About Pretzel Pretzel is a sweet, friendly, and active girl.  Four years of age, she is believed to be a lab/German shepherd mix.  Pretzel has a tan/black/brown tricolor coat and…


| Mary Jo Adams

About Maple Maple is a three-year-old Great Pyrenees/golden retriever mix.  This fluffy and beautiful pup is sweet, happy, and loving.  She has a deformity to her right front leg that…


| Mary Jo Adams

About Willow A 1-2-year-old German shepherd, Willow is shy with new people but friendly with those she has gotten acquainted with.  She weighs 53 lb.

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