10.02.23 | Mary Jo Adams

About Storm Two-year-old Storm arrived at the shelter with her kitten and was a great mom.  Now the kitten is all grown up and Storm is ready for a new…


09.18.23 | Mary Jo Adams

About Gillette We’re not sure what genetic heritage Gillette has other than that her shape suggests she is part Dachshund.  Believed to be only about 6 months old, she’s a…


| Mary Jo Adams

About Marigold A beautiful orange tabby, Marigold is 8 years old.  Her previous family told us she is a quiet, gentle, and curious kitty who loves to climb.  She has…


09.16.23 | Sam Thompson

About Shortcake Shortcake is a four month old Shepherd/Bulldog mix. She is a sweetie and loves to be where the people are. Just like her brother, Funfetti, she is a…

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