Mae Ling

07.29.21 | Mary Jo Adams

About Mae Ling A gorgeous Siamese with seal point markings and blue eyes, Mae Ling is believed to be 3-4 years of age.  She arrived at our shelter as an…


| Mary Jo Adams

About Vila Vila is a pretty kitty with a medium length black and brown coat and gold eyes.  She is very shy in new situations but she likes to be…


| Mary Jo Adams

About E’owyn E’owyn is a pretty gray kitty with light green eyes.  Believed to be 1-2 years of age, she is outgoing and very affectionate.  She would probably be a…


07.15.21 | Mary Jo Adams

About Misty Six-year-old Misty has a soft and beautiful medium length solid gray coat and gold eyes.  She is an easygoing, confident, quiet, and curious lapcat.  Misty has lived indoors…

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