11.07.22 | Mary Jo Adams

About Steinbeck Steinbeck is a very handsome 4-5 month old blue-eyed Siamese.  He is friendly, active, playful, and talkative. Considerations Indoors only

Jane Austin

| Mary Jo Adams

About Jane Austin Only 4-5 months of age, Jane Austin is a friendly, playful, and talkative kitty with a gorgeous Siamese coat and blue eyes. Considerations Indoors only

T-Bone Malone

10.24.22 | Mary Jo Adams

About T-Bone Malone A large and handsome three-year-old blue-eyed flame point Siamese, T-Bone Malone is a bit of a character.  He is a very sweet, talkative, and sometimes very silly…


05.12.22 | Mary Jo Adams

About Archie A gorgeous blue-eyed Siamese, Archie has big polydactyl paws and a nifty white patch on his lip.  Four and a half years old, he is a friendly, playful,…

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