02.24.20 | Mary Jo Adams

About Butters Three-year-old Butters has a gorgeous chocolate point Siamese coat and lovely blue eyes. His previous family told us he is friendly, playful, cuddly, easygoing, energetic, curious, and talkative.…


02.17.20 | Mary Jo Adams

About Cicero A large and gorgeous lilac point Siamese with a medium length coat and blue eyes, Cicero is four years old. He is friendly, outgoing, and active.


12.16.19 | Mary Jo Adams

About Sabine A gorgeous young Siamese, Sabine has a chocolate point coat, big white polydactyl paws, a bob tail, and blue eyes. She is a sweet and calm kitty who…

Coco Butter

11.25.19 | Mary Jo Adams

About Coco Butter Coco Butter is a beautiful blue-eyed chocolate point Siamese. Six years of age, she is curious, friendly, cuddly, easygoing, and talkative. Coco Butter only has two teeth…

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