01.15.24 | Mary Jo Adams

About Ziggy Ziggy is a big 4-year-old tricolor lab mix.  Although he can be a bit shy, he is also friendly, playful, energetic, and silly.  He is reportedly housebroken and…


| Mary Jo Adams

About Grizzly Five-year-old lab mix Grizzly is a friendly, energetic, quiet, playful, and easygoing pup.  His previous family called him a “loving dog with a big heart”.  He is reportedly…


12.04.23 | Mary Jo Adams

About Luke Six-month-old Luke is a good-looking black and white Lab mix puppy.  This sweet fellow is friendly, playful, and energetic.  He knows how to sit nicely when offered a…


| Mary Jo Adams

About Hurricane Only 9-12 months of age, Hurricane is a friendly and very energetic Lab mix puppy.  She knows how to play fetch but does not appear to have had…

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