04.10.21 | Mary Jo Adams

About Brawny Brawny is a real charmer!  This large and charismatic fellow is affectionate, outgoing, and talkative.  Believed to be 2-3 years of age, Brawny has a black coat with…


03.31.21 | Mary Jo Adams

About Harvey Believed to be about 2 years old, Harold is a handsome orange tabby with yellow-green eyes.  He is a very sweet kitty who likes to cuddle and to…


03.20.21 | Mary Jo Adams

About Larry Now 5-6 months of age, Larry arrived as a very shy kitten with two siblings.  Cat center staff has worked with him extensively and he has made great…


03.15.21 | Mary Jo Adams

About Ruffles Frito-Lay and her two 6-7 month old kittens are very active, energetic, and playful.  Mama cat Frito-Lay is still a youngster herself; she is believed to be only…

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