04.07.22 | Mary Jo Adams

About Shirley Seven-month-old Shirley has a soft medium length black coat with reddish highlights and pretty yellow eyes.  This very sweet kitty is friendly and playful. Considerations Indoors only


02.19.22 | Mary Jo Adams

About Zim Zim is a big fluffy senior with a lot of purrsonality!  His previous family told us he is an affectionate, confident, gentle, talkative, playful, easygoing, and energetic lapcat. …


01.19.22 | Mary Jo Adams

About Paniki A cute, friendly, and curious four-month-old kitten, Paniki is also a playful, confident, gentle, cuddly, energetic, and adventurous lapcat who is talkative at times.  He reportedly gets along…


| Mary Jo Adams

About Jemma Seven-year-old Jemma is a sweet and friendly kitty with a medium length dilute calico coat.  This lovely cat is very affectionate and is probably a lapcat.  She came…

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