11.06.23 | Mary Jo Adams

About Hobbes A good looking adult kitty with a medium length black and white coat, Hobbes is friendly and playful.  He has a tendency to get overstimulated, so he needs…

Calamity Jane

10.16.23 | Mary Jo Adams

About Calamity Jane Believed to be about two years old, Calamity Jane is a very pretty kitty with a soft and fluffy medium length torbie patterned coat and light green…


| Mary Jo Adams

About Peacock Peacock is a pretty torbi who came in as a mama cat.  Her babies are grown now so she is ready to settle into a loving home.  A…


10.12.23 | Mary Jo Adams

About Sahar A beautiful calico mama cat, Sahar is believed to be about 2 years old.  She gave birth to two kittens of her own and then adopted a third…

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