08.24.21 | Mary Jo Adams

About Canelo Canelo is just a year old.  He’s a high energy pup who loves to play ball and go for walks.  He is also described as gentle, easygoing, quiet,…


| Mary Jo Adams

About Lula Lula and Canelo are mother and son. They are Chihuahuas and came in from a quiet home.  Lula is five years old and is sweet, alert, loving, playful,…


07.20.21 | Mary Jo Adams

About Lilah A cute little tan/black/white Chihuahua, Lilah weighs just under 10 lb.  She’s a very friendly pup who loves attention.  Lilah loves to be around her people and would…


12.01.20 | Mary Jo Adams

About Sophie Sophie and Sprinkles are very sweet mother and daughter Chihuahuas and are looking for a home they can go to together.  Both are friendly and gentle and they…

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