Candy Crush

11.07.22 | Mary Jo Adams

About Candy Crush Only a year old, Candy Crush is friendly, energetic, and very playful.  This pretty girl has light green eyes. Considerations Indoors only


| Mary Jo Adams

About Raina Only a year old, Raina is a pretty blue-eyed husky.  This nice pup is friendly, happy, and playful and she has a lot of husky energy.  She gets…


10.31.22 | Mary Jo Adams

About Louie Louie is a good looking young kitty with a soft and shiny medium length black coat and yellow eyes.  He loves to play and is also friendly, energetic,…


10.24.22 | Mary Jo Adams

About Zuko A 10-month-old Doberman pinscher, Zuko is friendly, gentle, easygoing, and silly.  He will bark if someone knocks on the door or rings the doorbell.  Zuko gets along with…

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