09.23.20 | Mary Jo Adams

About Catoosa Believed to be 1-2 years of age Cartoosa has a black coat with little patches on white on his bib and tummy.  His eyes are yellow.  This nice…


09.21.20 | Mary Jo Adams

About Figaro A 6-month-old kitten, Figaro has good-looking tabby stripes and pretty yellow eyes.  His previous family described him as a friendly, playful, talkative, cuddly, smart, energetic, and curious lapcat. …


08.24.20 | Mary Jo Adams

About Canelo Only six months of age, Canelo is a eight and a half pound Chihuahua mix.  Somewhat shy at first, he is otherwise friendly, active, and curious.  Shelter staff…

Milky Way

08.17.20 | Mary Jo Adams

About Milky Way Milky Way is an 8 month old torti with a rather dark coat. Her previous family told us she is friendly, playful, confident, talkative, easygoing, energetic, and…

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