08.03.20 | Mary Jo Adams

About Luna Only 8 months of age, Luna is a gentle, cuddly, curious, talkative, and friendly kitten.  Like many youngsters, she loves to play.  She’s sweetie!


07.11.20 | Mary Jo Adams

About Purrsephone Purrsephone is a one-year-old torti with distinctive and beautiful coat markings and gold eyes.  She has recently raised a litter of kittens and was a great mama to…


07.02.20 | Mary Jo Adams

About Jabba Believed to be only about a year old, Jabba is a mastiff mix with a sleek and good looking gray and white coat and a docked tail. He’s…


06.22.20 | Mary Jo Adams

About Lance Only 1-2 years of age, Lance is a shy black kitty who has seemed rather overwhelmed by shelter life. He would probably prefer a quiet home.

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