06.05.23 | Mary Jo Adams

About Elvira Only 1-2 years old, Elvira is a pretty brown tabby.  Her previous family told us she is sweet and loving, friendly, gentle, talkative, cuddly, easygoing, and affectionate.  She…


05.30.23 | Mary Jo Adams

About Gus Only 1-2 years of age, Gus is a gorgeous odd-eyed mini-Australian shepherd with a red merle coat.  He came to the shelter with a group of other dogs…


05.25.23 | Mary Jo Adams

About Sirloin Seven-month-old Sirloin is a gorgeous flame point Siamese.  She is rather shy in new situations so her new family will need to allow her some time to settle…

Alley Cat

| Mary Jo Adams

About Alley Cat Only 9 months old, Alley Cat gets along with other cats but an older cat in her home would not accept her so she was surrendered.  She…

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