07.11.20 | Mary Jo Adams

About Figaro Sweet, friendly, playful, and curious little Figaro is only 12 weeks old.  He can be a bit shy with new people and situations so as with most new…


06.07.20 | Mary Jo Adams

About the puppies Update:  All of the puppies have been adopted. Eight 3-month-old puppies currently at WAIF’s Coupeville shelter are now available for adoption to loving homes. Some of them…


12.12.19 | Mary Jo Adams

About Checkers Now about 6 months old, Checkers was one of a group of very young semiferal kittens that were brought to the shelter. Staff worked with them extensively in…


10.29.19 | Mary Jo Adams

About Mochie Only 4 months old, Mochie is a sweet Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix with a brown and white coat. This youngster is friendly, energetic, loving, and very playful. Mochie is ok…

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