Saffron and Nutmeg

01.11.24 | Mary Jo Adams

About Saffron and Nutmeg Saffron (black) and Nutmeg (tabby) are shy with people but are best of friends with each other.  We would love to have them adopted together to…


03.08.23 | Sam Thompson

About Wasabi Wasabi is a silly 5 month old tuxedo kitten. He is very playful and loves his kitty friends. When reaching to pet him he will roll over and…


01.30.23 | Mary Jo Adams

About Pebble Pebble is a very active, playful, and friendly.  She is only 5-6 months of age. Considerations Indoors only


| Mary Jo Adams

About Tipsy A beautiful 4-5-month-old tabby kitten, Tipsy is sweet, playful, and curious.  She has beautiful yellow-gold eyes. Considerations Indoors only

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