The 12th Man

Being new to Washington, it was not difficult for me to change allegiance to the Hawks (when in Rome). While I’ll still cheer the KC Chiefs next year, Seahawks will definitely be followed as well. While it may be true that the officials at the divisional championship game may have been just as helpful to the win as the “12th Man” in the Hawks stadium, I believe we tend to under-estimate the value of the 12th man, both in football, and in serving homeless animals on Whidbey Island.

In our arena, the “12th Man” are our volunteers that do so much to add to our success, socializing our animals, helping at events, collecting donations from coin cans, and adding to the public perception about who we are, and what we do. Our recent addition of trained volunteer Ambassadors are a case in point. On any given weekend for probably the remainder of our New Shelter Campaign, these dedicated volunteers have been and will be seen at various locations on island with their table booth handing out information about our “Tag the Wall” campaign, and the attendant friendly “Cat vs Dog” competition as part of this public phase of gathering funds for the campaign. Their vivacious, outgoing and caring personalities convey the excitement we all feel at Whidbey Island getting close to the reality of building a shelter that is specifically meant for that purpose, not a remodel and re-purposing of an old building. I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all volunteers. To the dog walkers, to the coin can collectors, to the thrift costumer care workers, to the event helpers, to the kitty socializers, to the ambassadors.

WAIF can’t thank you enough for being our “12th Man”, but your impact is felt deeply into our success and service to companion animals!

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